Bingus Token is the latest DEFI project with claws to release on the Binance Smart Chain. NFT & Shelter donations ongoing.


1% of transactions go to the Charity Wallet



1% of transactions are burned forever - increasing the value constantly



1% of transactions is redistributed to all holders automatically


Our Idea

Cryptocurrency at its core is closely intertwined with fairness and ensuring that the power is taken from the hands of the few and returned to the hand of the many. We believe it's time we harness that power to help the voiceless animals across the world who cannot take care of themselves. Bingus and our community are devoted to that mission

Donations done so far

Seventh Donation- Hope For Paws

Rescues animals facing death or danger through abuse or abandonment.

Amount donated


3.63 at the time of the transaction

Sixth Donation - The Real Bark

A rescue that focuses on saving abused and left for dead animals.

Amount donated


4.44 at the time of the transaction

Fifth Donation - Sterling Shelter

A non-profit/no-kill animal shelter without time or age restrictions.

Amount donated


1.32 at the time of the transaction

Fourth Donation- Jersey Animal Rescue

Finding homes for animals throughout Monmouth County through a network of fosters and volunteers.

Amount donated


1.2245 ETH at the time of the transaction

Third Donation- Reversed Rescue

Pitbull Rescue out of Los Angeles, CA. Training, Rehabilition, Rescue of Neglect, Adandoned, Stray, Shelter, Medical.

Amount donated


1.40619044 ETH at the time of the transaction

Second Donation- Forgotten Animals

Animal Welfare Charity in Russia and Former Soviet Union. forgottenanimals.org

Amount donated


0.51 ETH at the time of the transaction

First Donation- Wright-Way Rescue

Wright-Way Rescue's mission is to reduce the number of homeless pet euthanized in the Midwest(USA) each year through an adoption program, community education, promotion of spaying and neutering, and a veterinary medicine program.

Amount donated


0.17 ETH at the time of the transaction

How to Buy

To adopt some Bingus of your own, currently you will need to use Pancakeswap. Bingus on Pancakeswap is tradeable using either MetaMask on Chrome or TrustWallet on your mobile device.

If you have any issues, head over to our friendly Telegram community where we will be happy to help!

Check out one of our helpful guides, created by the community! Or watch the video!

PancakeSwap Metamask Guide Trustwallet Guide

The story of Bingus

Bingus 1.0 was launched as a small hobby project by 'Bingus Dev'. As lover of animals he simply wanted to make a small meme coin that could do some good. His integrity and honesty were infectious and it very rapidly grew.

Once an error in the contract code was discovered, Bingus Dev immediately informed the community and advised everyone to pull their money. Bingus and now Admin, then whale MJ, held all the way to the bottom to ensure most people could get out without losing money.

Miraculously in the aftermath not only did the community stay together, but it also grew and insisted on a relaunch. “With an additional contract Dev and MJ, now working with Bingus Dev, relaunched the working coin and it has since grown quickly.” Not only that, but the coin in its first 5 days of existence already donated over 1.3K to two different animal rescues.

Main Features

  • Incredible Team - Including admin MJ who has doxxed himself to the core community and a new Project Manager hired from Hollywood with 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry.
  • Trustworthy Contract - Audits Coming soon
  • Liquidity is Locked for 30 days - As it was sourced from the community we did not want to lock it indefinitely. Additional will be locked as needed.
  • Aggressive Marketing campaign is already underway. Just as aggressive as our donation strategy.

-% Value





Cast Your Vote for the Next Charity with your LP tokens

Get a chance to receive a unique NFT dedicated to the charity of your choice

Cat Town

Helping Oakland's most vulnerable shelter cats find homes for since 2011.

Sterling Shelter

Humane sheltering and high quality medical care for stray, unwanted, abused and neglected animals

The REAL Bark

An Rescue in LA committed to helping special needs animals that would otherwise be overlooked or euthanized.

Villikettir Rescue

Caving cats’ lives all around Iceland through TNR, feeding, and rescues from hoarding conditions.

Wolf Trap Rescue

Rescues pets who are at risk of neglect, homelessness, and euthanasia in the Southern US.



ETH Donated to Charities



$Bingus Holders



Team Members




Charity Wallet Value


Market Cap


Bingus Burned

Mike Cerisano

Mike is a film professional on the East Coast, working on set in TV/Film. He has been involved with Crypto since 2017.


Project Manager with 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Animal lover.


Just some guy who loves Bingus. Looking a make a positive impact in a world of negativity and hate.

Daniel Agoston

Danny as he is better known as is one of our incredible community managers (as well as French language moderators) and marketing contributors.


Web developer by day, music producer by night, he joined the project because he really belives that crypto can be used to help animals as well